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Xbox Game Pass Is Worth It for These 5 Reasons

Game Pass, an Xbox membership program that lets you download and play games from their catalog, is more well-liked than ever. Game Pass for Xbox games could be compared to Netflix for video games. Due to Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, and the continuous release of new games, Game Pass seems unstoppable. 

While the Game Pass Ultimate, which grants access to Game Pass across Xbox, PC, and phone, costs $15 per month, the Xbox 1 Month Game Pass is $10 per month for PC or Xbox. Five strong arguments support this full package.

1. The Perks

For games like Sea of Thieves, Gears 5, and Smite, Game Pass offers benefits like free gifts, in-game money, and skins. Other subscription services like Funimation and Disney Plus also have free trials available. Privileges might be a welcome surprise when they’re offered, while not being a key subscription-selling feature.

2. The Discounts

Microsoft Store games, including DLC expansions and DLC characters like Tekken, are discounted for Game Pass users. Control: Ultimate Edition, UFC 4: Deluxe Edition, and Star Wars: Fallen Jedi are among the titles that are currently on sale, with discounts ranging from 5-7 dollars to 50% off.

3. The Cross-Platform Accessibility

Android users are currently restricted to Android devices when using Game Pass, which allows users to access their catalog on PCs and phones. While waiting at the dentist, kids can play their favorite, albeit imperfect, games on their cutting-edge phones, such as Gears 5.

4. EA Play

NHL 21, Madden NFL 21, FIFA 20, and NBA Live 19 are just a few of the well-known titles available through EA Play, a recent addition to Game Pass. Peggle, The Sims, Titanfall, and Battlefield are examples of other genres.

5. The Game Pass Catalog

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that playing their games is the primary motivation for purchasing Game Pass. They frequently change the games they have available, but it appears like they always have a few titles that are good. Spend your time as Batman battling criminals in Gotham, playing Sea of Thieves to explore islands and the sea, or playing Gears of War to defeat the Locust.

Additionally, new games are constantly being added, even ones that have just been released. Outsiders and MLB The Show 21 provide a current illustration of this. As soon as Halo: Infinite is published, Game Pass will have access to it. It has also been revealed that titles including Hello Neighbor 2, Narita Boy, and Dead Static Drive would be added to Game Pass upon launch.

Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It? – Yes

There are numerous advantages to Game Pass, but if you just need one compelling argument, consider this: It offers a wide variety of games. We discovered some of our favorite games on Game Pass when we were under quarantine. You won’t regret playing Hollow Knight, The Outer Worlds, or The Outer Wilds because they are all excellent games. There are enough excellent titles in the Game Pass library to make the cost justifiable, though we won’t sit here and tell you that every title is a smash hit.

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